Baptism & membership

The printable Baptism Bible Study is one pastor Rick put together to help people understand the meaning of baptism and their personal readiness to be baptized.  Those age 16 and older should be able to complete it on their own. Younger teens and children will likely need the guidance of a parent or other adult. 

Journey Into Mission. We call it our "JIM CLASS!" Crossroads Church strives to be who God has called us to be, and this impacts every part of our DNA.  Below are the links to the printable booklet, and to the videos we use to explain most of the second half of the booklet, as these pages require explanation to be understood well! This is presented as a three hour class. 

Please speak with pastor Rick or other church leader, if you're interested in either baptism or church membership.

  • Preparing For baptism bible study

    This is an inductive Bible study we have put together to help people understand what baptism is all about, and discern if they are ready to be baptized. Ages 16 and above should be able to do this on their own... the younger ages will likely need a parent or other adult to do it with them.

  • preparing your bapitsm testimony

    How to prepare your baptism testimony.  This is included in the Bible Study (above,), but here is just this portion separated out.

  • Wrestling with this question?

    Many people ask if they need to be baptized again, if they were baptized as a baby.  This document was written by pastor Rick, and gives a very compassionate and understandable answer to this question.

  • How should I dress?

    What to wear when yo are being baptized.  This is also included in the Bible Study (above,) but here is just this portion separated out.

  • Journey Into Mission

    Printable Booklet

    This is the full document we utilize for our membership class. The first 24 ages are fairly self explanatory. Many of the remaining pages require explanation. If you are interested in joining Crossroads Church, and becoming an "official member," please talk with one of the church leaders.


    Video: part 1