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04-22-18 Beautiful Believer's Baptism      
04-08-18 Take Up Your Cross     04-15-18 This is Church Guest: Wayne Spriggs
03-30-18 GOOD FRIDAY - It Is Finished     04-01-18 RESURRECTION SUNDAY
                   Who Do You Jesus is
04-25-18 PALM SUNDAY -  Go In Peace     03-30-18 "It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming"
               video played during the Good Friday service 
03-11-18 Living Generously - SEEDTIME     03-18-18 Peculiar People Guest: Noe Hernandez
02-25-18 Introducing Power to a Heart     03-04-18 Living Generously - TOWER
02-11-18 Living Generously - POOR pt 3     02-18-18 MEGAFORCE Steve Carrier
01-28-18 Living Generously - POOR     02-04-18 Living Generously - POOR pt 2
01-14-18 Living Generously - FIRST     01-21-18 Living Generously - DEFENSE
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