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10-14-18 msg not recorded
10-7-18 Living in Light of Eternity
9-30-18 Awaken to Kingdom Reality
-Tim Wright
video:Oumar's Healing
9-23-18 Pictures of Progress pt 2
9-16-18 Seeking God's Face
9-9-18 Pictures of Progress
9-2-18 Complete in Christ pt2
8-26-18 Complete in Christ
video: "Fear is a Liar" by Zach Williams
8-19-18 Called By God pt 2
8-12-18 Called By God
8-5-18 What is Lacking in Christ's Sufferings
7-29-18 From Hope-Less to Hope-filled pt 2
7-22-18 From Hope-Less to Hope-Filled
7-15-18 The Gospel for All Nations
- Dale Meyers (Gideon)

msg not available
7-1-18 The Image of the Invisible pt 2
6-24-18 Hijacked by God's Spirit!
6-17-18 When the "Church" is a People...
Kent Sovine

6-10-18 Where's Your Fishing Hole?
- Rob Storey

6-3-18 The Image of the Invisible
5-27-18 Falling in Love with the Character of God
5-20-18 An Encouraging Beginning
03-30-18 GOOD FRIDAY - It Is Finished     04-01-18 RESURRECTION SUNDAY
                   Who Do You Jesus is
04-25-18 PALM SUNDAY -  Go In Peace     03-30-18 "It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming"  video played during the Good Friday service 
03-11-18 Living Generously - SEEDTIME     03-18-18 Peculiar People Guest: Noe Hernandez
02-25-18 Introducing Power to a Heart     03-04-18 Living Generously - TOWER
02-11-18 Living Generously - POOR pt 3     02-18-18 MEGAFORCE Steve Carrier
01-28-18 Living Generously - POOR     02-04-18 Living Generously - POOR pt 2
01-14-18 Living Generously - FIRST     01-21-18 Living Generously - DEFENSE
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